Apart from pricing which of course is a very important factor when it comes to making a change in coilovers, you definitely want a product with a great warranty and also durable. You have probably tested out a few options but still haven’t found the right pick. It is no news that some coilovers seem strong at first but when put under a little pressure usually succumb to wear and tear and over time the damper fails. There are a couple of questions that need answers before you can comfortably invest that pretty penny, two of which are:

Are the coil overs rebuild able and is it possible to purchase and replace any of the components from the coil overs rather than purchasing the full kit? A big Yes to these questions, especially when you are referring to the Megan racing coil overs. Megan racing coilovers are by standards, one of the best and a wide collection of products built with an adjustable danger kit. The Megan model has styles and a wide variety of structural compatibility that is applicable for over 250 vehicle labels such as the E-class Mercedes Benz and the Honda civic, built with quality materials. You can be rest assured that the strength and performance is close to perfection. The Megan racing brand earned its global popularity from the production of unbeatable high quality coil over which have gotten series of praises from enthusiastic and car owners. The label offers different series of coilovers to suit whatever brand of vehicle you own.

Megan racing coilover series

EZII coil overs- the series features is level of adjustments on the damper strength, aluminum bracket with rubber materials insert, dust covers, height adjustable spring rates, monotube with a single cylinder design. This serve was made to be affordable, covering the basic essential and still maintaining high quality.

Street series coil overs

– specially built for the street racing league and sport cars alike, the coilovers fully adjustable with 32 adjustment levels, giving you a wider option to change the appearance of your ride to whatever specification suits you best. They are also great on luxury cars and superb for tracks.

Street LP coil overs

This novelty represents the luxury line which does offer similar features with the racing series but differs with advanced appearance, conservative spring rates 32 levels of damper settings and great performance on tracks as well.

Euro street series coil overs

Designed specifically for European made luxury vehicles as the same implies such as the Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and fiat. Its 32 levels of adjustment give your luxury vehicle that desired suspension.

Street swift track coil overs

This is suited for brands such as Honda 32000, Nissan 350Z and Mitsubishi EVO8/9. Its spring rates are far above that of the street series with rugged valued dampers. This series is specially engineered for highly performance with a wide set of adjustment levels.

Other coil overs series manufactured by Megan racing are the track series and the spec-RS series.